There are 3 Ground Up-Core Out™  Ukemi Videos available:

GUCO Uke1- 単独回転 - Solo Rolling AdPic

Vol. 1, Tandoku Kaiten “Solo Rolling

Although rolling is commonly taught in must bujinkan dojos, it is not taught in a manner which allows the students to progress from the safest starting positions, then gradually move on to more and more difficult rolling.

In this first video of the Ground Up, Core Out Ukemi Series, you will learn to do just that.

By understanding the biomechanics of how to access the ground in segments versus “tucking into a ball”, you will prevent trauma to your shoulders, elbows, done, and hips (all common injury points for many martial artists).

Price = ¥4500


GUCO Uke2 運動性  Maneuverability ADPic

Vol. 2, Undosei “Maneuverability

Although many are familiar with the concept and need for rolling, this video takes us even further into the development of the “Receiving Body” through the exploration of non-rolling ground skills.

Price = ¥4500

Vol. 3, Shogeki Ukemi “Receiving Impact”

One of the most important skills necessary for any martial art, the ability to absorb and redirect the force of strikes (punches, kicks, pushes, pulls, throws, etc).

This video takes you through a step by step process of exposure and adaptation, building from the ground up.

Price = ¥4500



Also available are the GUCO™ Kihon Happo:

GUCO 01 - Oni Kudaki AdPic

1. Oni Kudaki



GUCO 02 - Musha Dori AdPic

2. Musha Dori



GUCO 03 - Omote Gyaku AdPic

3. Omote Gyaku



GUCO 04 - Ganseki Nage AdPic

4. Ganseki Nage



GUCO 05 - Muso Dori AdPic

5. Muso Dori



GUCO 06 - Ura Gyaku AdPic

6. Ura Gyaku



Each video is ¥4500
Or the set of 6 Kihon Happo videos is 20,000¥

If you would like all 9 Ground Up-Core Out™ videos it will be 30,000¥

Each Kihon Happo video is over an hour in length, giving a tremendous amount of detail on each technique.

All are available for download in MP4 format.

 This will make things easier because you can take your laptop, smart device, or tablet and be mobile with the training material.

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