Ground Up-Core Out™ Kihon Happo Videos are Available!!


The human body has a built in process for optimal, efficient learning of movement that everyone of us went through as infants.
We all began lying down, then gradually progressed up through sitting, kneeling (crawling), up to squatting/standing.
At each phase of this process crucial neural patterns were built that allowed for efficiency at the more advanced levels. (If people miss these crucial developmental pieces, it will show up later in other areas, often as learning disabilities.)
This same natural system can be utilized to learn (and improve) other skills.
For instance, using the “Ground Up-Core Out™” skill acquisition method applied to the fundamental techniques of the Bujinkan, (collectively known as the Kihon Happo), you can create the proper environment for your students to discover the most efficient and effective ways to perform these techniques.
In dojos around the world using the Ground Up-Core Out™ method we have seen new students attain proficiency of the Kihon Happo against a non-compliant partner in record time. Often under a year. (Of course, everyone is different and the amount of time dedicated to train will be a determining factor.)
But what is just as exciting is seeing all the practitioners who have already been training for years make overnight improvements in the performance if their Kihon Happo ! (again, against a Non-Compliant attacker…)

Take the opportunity to join the growing number of people who are using nature to develop their skills at an unheard of speed.
Order the Ground Up-Core Out™ Kihon Happo video set, start with the first video (ONI Kudaki) and work your way through the material.
All the videos are in a format that allows you to take them with you to the dojo (or wherever you train), so you can constantly refer to them.
We all know that videos are no substitute for experienced feedback from a teacher, however, no baby was ever “taught” the correct way to learn to crawl, stand, or walk. Each of us learned through environmental feedback. This is what you can tap into with the Ground Up-Core Out™ videos.

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2 comments on “Ground Up-Core Out™ Kihon Happo Videos are Available!!
  1. Jason says:

    Can we pay in dollars? And if yes what does 20,000y translate to?

  2. RobRenner says:

    If you use PayPal it will give you the opportunity to use US dollars and make the exchange for you.
    As the rate changes daily, that is the easiest way. Or just use Google to search for currency converter.
    Hope this helps!

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