"No, like this!"

What a wonderful event!

Thanks to everyone who made Kikanju the success it was!

We had great weather, great friends, great training, everything we could ask for!
There were around 100 people from 12 different countries, some from as far away as Canada and the United States. It was interesting to be immersed in the culture and cuisine of Eastern Europe for there is a strong sense of community there.

The participants were eager to learn and dove into the training.

As there were 3 of us teaching, it gave everybody an opportunity to see multiple views on the same subject. What really came through though, was how the same principles could be applied in many different ways.

Although the training ranged from easy to hard, slow to fast, with a high degree of difficulty at times, nobody was injured (as per Soke’s wishes).

This event was the first of its kind, with so much information coming form Japan, and with the turnout being this strong, I look forward to being a part of the next one.


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