Incomplete Kihon Happo Video available!

The Incomplete Kihon Happo

The Incomplete Kihon Happo

Discover what Hatsumi Soke and the Japanese Shihan know about making the Kihon Happo work. Although Soke has been teaching the concept ofchuuto hanpa(halfway or incomplete) for years and the principles that make this “incompleteness” possible, it is usually considered an advanced idea that you somehow come to only after many years of practice.

But for those people who are looking for the connection between the rigid, formal kata most consider “the basics”, and Hatsumi Soke’s effortless movement, this video offers many clues to point you in the right direction. The information presented here is compiled from ideas and movements taken from training with Hatsumi Soke and his four top shihan in Japan.


If you’ve ever had the opportunity to train with Rob then you will already know the value of watching this video and practicing the movements presented within.


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54 comments on “Incomplete Kihon Happo Video available!
  1. Ian Robertson says:

    Hi Rob
    Trained with you in Japan in 2008 and have applied the things you showed in classes and getting good results with the easy to understand applications. Would really appreciate a copy of the dvd as a further reference guide. Exercise / warmup regimen is great by the way – do at least some if not all every day, even with a busted knee. You can contact me at email below
    Thanks, Ian Robertson, New Zealand

  2. Mike McGuirk says:

    If you have been training for years or are new to the art, Rob has a natural way of breaking down ideas and concepts that will improve and expedite your understanding of Bujinkan training. You should really get his DVDs and push him to make more!

  3. Daniel M. Pineda says:

    Just had an incredible seminar in West Palm Beach, Fl. with Rob on this. If you are serious about becoming better at Budo you should train with him and study his material as often as possible. He is a one of a kind teacher that actually teaches what you need to learn in order to attain mastery.

  4. Lynn Ertell says:

    Attended the March 13 seminar in Gaithersburg, Maryland
    … and had my mind blown away.
    Body too.

    Thanks for the most unique and challenging martial arts experience I’ve had in decades of training.
    Looks like I’ll have to unlearn quite a few misconceptions and bad habits; and start rebuilding my taihenjutsu from the ground up again.
    Oh well. Just another day of life in the bujinkan.
    Need the DVD to do homework in my basement.
    How do I get it ?

  5. Alfie Felix says:

    Just attended your wonderful seminar/workshop early this afternoon in MD. I wish I could join you guys for dinner but I had immediate obligations to do. Have a safe trip back or where ever you’re headed and come again when you’re in the area. I’m also interested in ordering the earlier DVD that you made about basic drills/exercises when practicing zeropoint principles (e.g. warming up, more efficient ‘ukemi’, etc.). Keep going (keep teaching, that is)!

  6. Ross Pierce says:

    I’ve just taken my 3rd seminar with Rob and have also trained with him at his Zero Point dojo in Japan. As a physician and Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu student, I have been super impressed with how Rob, with his background in exercise physiology, has used his knowledge of this and related scientific disciplines to be especially sensitive to perceive and “ask the right questions” during his advanced training in our martial art. In doing so, Rob has gained a vital understanding and perspective. I am very thankful that Rob generously shares with us his insignts and understanding using his gifts as an extremely effective teacher to help us advance in our art in a more streamlined way, while simultaneously deepening our understanding of why taijutsu works the way it does.

  7. Mike Hartmann says:

    Rob I was at your seminar recently in Chicago. I train with Tony Brooks. I have been doing this less than a year, but I felt that I was able to get a lot out of it. Great stuff.

  8. Hi Rob,
    I met you at the Hombu February, ’09 and after seeing the DVD for the West Coast Tai Kai with you and Paul Masse I can’t wait to see the Chuuto Hanpa Kihon Happo DVD. I would also be interested in the basic drills/exercises DVD that Alfie mentions above. Gambatte.

  9. Peter Meden says:

    Hi Rob,
    Thank-you for sharing your insights, I thoroughly enjoyed the recent training.
    I’d like to order your DVD and can be contacted through :
    Peter Meden
    Melbourne, Australia

  10. James Wran says:

    I keep rereading your articles and they keep meaning new things!

    I’d really enjoy the chance to learn from your DVD and maybe come train with you when I come to Japan.


    Brisbane, Australia

  11. Marcus Hultvall says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for the training while being in Japan this January! It really lifted my belives on Bujinkan as a martial art and an actuall combat system. After taking your ideás back to practise at home with my training comrades and real life situations I really have improved a lot!

    See ya!
    Marcus, Sweden/Karlstad

  12. peter Kramer says:

    Hi Rob,

    Great to see you have made a DVD of what we worked on last time I trained with you in Japan. Sign me up for a copy. Will you be doing a DVD on Ukemi? I really like your take on it and would love to see you put out a DVD on that as well.

    Hope to see you in Japan real soon.

    Peter, Bujinkan Family Dojo /Portland, Oregon.

  13. Austin says:

    Hey Rob,

    I was impressed by the seminar you held in Victoria, and I would like to order your Chuuto Hanpa DVD. Look forward to hearing from you soon.


  14. Steffen says:

    Being in my mid prime (read mid forties :)) I have the feeling that I can really benefit from this concept. Having rediscovered myself through my studies of taijutsu, I have been looking for a way to compensate my lack of flexibility due to age and a life of challenges psysically, I have the feeling that I might have found the answer to a suitable taijutsu that goes along with the insight and “flexibility” of Mind and Spirit.
    I am open to finding The Way of Unification Body – Mind and Spirit.
    Buffu Ikan
    Steffen – Bujinkan-Ka dojo, Denmark

  15. Darren Carmichael says:

    I have listened to great things about this dvd and really want a copy.
    Darren Carmichael

  16. Rich Cearley says:

    Hey Rob,

    Got a chance to learn some valuable insights on my Nov. 2009 trip.
    Glad to see you’ve put these in a DVD.

    Rich Cearley

  17. Gareth Walsh says:

    Hi Rob,

    I’d like to order a copy of each of the DVDs you had with you in Athlone please. Contact details attached.

    Many thanks for sharing at the seminar and at the class in Galway. I really took alot from it.

    With best regards,


  18. Rick greener says:


    I know its hard putting into words what some is teaching. The article on shinnenjutsu was great. I hope another one is to come soon. I would really like to get a copy of your new dvd. Thank you for talking the time to put this information out. I look forward to to training at one of your seminars.


  19. Stephen Jones says:


    I’m interested in getting some clear principles on the Kihon Happo and some of its variations. I was told that this dvd did a good job of that. Thanks


  20. glen constable says:

    Gday Rob , glen from central west dojo nsw australia ,hope alls well , just wondering if i could purchase a copy of the dvd please ? kind regards glen….

  21. Hi Rob Trained with you in Japan in 2008 and have applied the things you showed in classes and getting good results with the easy to understand applications. Would really appreciate a copy of the dvd as a further reference guide. Exercise / warmup regimen is great by the way – do at least some if not all every day, even with a busted knee. You can contact me at email below Thanks, Ian Robertson, New Zealand

  22. vas varvatsis says:

    Hi Rob, Vas here again. first let me say happy new year to you & your family , just to let you know, i received the dvd good stuff brother nice explanations, I see it clearer now,im gonna study it more and see how i can make it flow ,listen rob im intrested in your first dvd , is it the same price as the last , if so can you let me know so i can send you a payment. quick question rob do you think weight training will effect my budo taijutsu good or bad ?

  23. Ben Dugnol says:

    Hi Rob,

    I write you on behalf of my sensei, a 12th Dan from Spain. We saw you back at the 2009 Daikomyosai, and are very interested in what you have to say about the Chuuto Hanpa concept, so we’d like to acquire the Dvd. Thank you in advance


  24. Robert mabry says:

    Hello gentlemen, I have seen zero point movement at the seminars I have attended in the states. I truly believe it helps develop my taijutsu. I train with zane prater, under the taka seigi dojo of shihan legare. We usually warm up every class with zero point. Please feel free to contact me at the email provided so I can get a copy of you’re new dvd. Thank you sir

  25. John says:

    Hi Rob,
    I missed your Irish seminar last September. I heard great things about it.

    I would really love to get a copy of the dvd. You can contact me on the email address below.

    John, Athlone, Ireland

  26. Steve Morgan Shidoshi says:

    Hi Rob!…Great to see and train with you around the DKMS. It was an awesome event. ~ Still thoroughly enjoying learning from the Zeropoint dvd’s I bought at your UK Seminar last year. Are there plans for more? They are incredibly helpful for us travelling buyu who can only get to Japan a couple of times a year to meet with you. Looking forward to seeing you again in a few months mate. Best wishes from the Dojo and myself in the meantime. Buyu ikkan.

  27. Jamie says:

    Rob, It’s Jamie from from the Gouin Dojo in cheshire. Looking forward to seeing you again this year. It’s remarkable the change in our dojo since your seminar last August as we have continued to train your methodology and develop it. all the best.

  28. Serat says:

    Hi Rob,

    I hope it is still possible to order this DVD and your earlier one on basic drills/exercises. Please advise how to proceed in order for me to receive the DVD(‘s).
    Rgs, Serat

  29. Michael Kenny says:

    Hi, Rob. Michael here from Athlone. Your ‘take’ on training comes highly recommended by my sensei, Younis. I’d like to get hold of any DVD’s you have available. Thanks.

  30. FIEVRE says:

    I hope it is still possible to order this DVD. Please advise how to proceed in order for me to receive the DVD(’s).
    I live in New Calédonia

  31. Duane Abrams says:

    Thanks for the training last week. I sent you an email with the URL about soke but I didn’t hear back from you so I wasn’t sure if you got it. I’d like to get this DVD as well so drop me a note. Thanks again for everything.

  32. Coren Smith says:

    This video Rocks! Thanks, Rob

  33. Eric Surber says:

    Hi Rob, thank you for a great seminar in north Carolina. Can I also get a copy of your DVD? Eric

  34. joeri says:

    Hi Rob,

    Is it possible to send me the details on how to purchase this DVD? I am very interested in
    your view of the kihon happo basics and it` s variations.

    greetings from Belgium

  35. Jason McLeod says:

    I always enjoy your training and it always provides us with more than enough to work on. Can you let me know how I get a copy of your DVD.
    Perth, Australia

  36. Johan Fredriksson says:

    Have seen a download from Sweden and I liked it.
    Johan from Sweden.

  37. Joe Williams says:

    Hi Rob, I thoroughly enjoyed your recent seminar in Crewe in the UK. I would like to order a copy of your Kihon Happo DVD.

    Thank You

  38. Geoff Cotton says:

    Hey Rob.
    I met you in Nov 2012 at the Hombu. It was my first trip out and my training got a whole lot bigger. I had a great time meeting you and Micheal after I passed my Godan test. As did my teacher, Bill. I’d love to buy to a copy of your DVD. Please let me know.
    Saskatoon, Canada.

  39. Chris Chilton says:

    I have downloaded a small clip with you in it. Awesome stuff. Can’t wait for this video.

  40. keith says:

    Hi Rob,
    I am attending your seminar at Simon Yeos dojo in London on June 6th.
    I wouls like to purchase a copy of your DVD sutiable to be playd in the UK.
    R u able to bring a copy with you? And if so how much is it.

    many thanks


  41. Rob, many thanks for your kind and generous contributions to our training! I would like to get a copy or download of any information you have produced. Thank you! Bufu Ikkan! ~ William

  42. Daniel says:

    I find your teachings very interesting and helpful. I would like a link to the video mentioned above

  43. anthony paul hollingsworth says:

    interested in purchasing video getting started again after several years away from bujinkan. thanks

  44. ludo says:

    salut rob,
    j’ai participer a votre seminaire en france et je voudrai avoir votre dvd sur les kihon happo.

  45. Matt Leonard says:

    Thanks for the DVD, very informative.

  46. Sean Ondes says:

    Hey Rob,

    Is this video still available?

  47. Karle Thomas says:

    Hi Wonder if you could actually help, are Kihon No Kihon and Incomplete Kihon Happo actually available on Dvd, and not just download? If so is it possible to order some, have been looking on the Net with no joy.

  48. Tom Kiebler says:

    Thanks for seminar in Berlin! Kihon Happo – my favourite…
    Please contact me on the email.

  49. RobRenner says:

    Hey Tom,
    Great training.
    I hope I can help you more in the future.
    Keep Improving

  50. RobRenner says:

    Yes, actually those two videos are still available on DVD.
    Just use PayPal ¥4500 for each video to
    And they will be mailed out.
    Be sure to include your address!



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