Incomplete Kihon Happo Video available!

The Incomplete Kihon Happo

The Incomplete Kihon Happo

Discover what Hatsumi Soke and the Japanese Shihan know about making the Kihon Happo work. Although Soke has been teaching the concept ofchuuto hanpa(halfway or incomplete) for years and the principles that make this “incompleteness” possible, it is usually considered an advanced idea that you somehow come to only after many years of practice.

But for those people who are looking for the connection between the rigid, formal kata most consider “the basics”, and Hatsumi Soke’s effortless movement, this video offers many clues to point you in the right direction. The information presented here is compiled from ideas and movements taken from training with Hatsumi Soke and his four top shihan in Japan.


If you’ve ever had the opportunity to train with Rob then you will already know the value of watching this video and practicing the movements presented within.


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52 comments on “Incomplete Kihon Happo Video available!
  1. RobRenner says:

    Still available, both in download format and on DVD…

  2. Karle Thomas says:

    Could I ask how much a actual DVD copy would be with shipping to the uk

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