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四天王の四方 “Shitennou no Shihou”

四天王の四方 Shitennou no Shihou “The four ways of the four heavenly kings” The term Shitennou, in this instance, refers to the Bujinkan’s four top shihan: Oguri Sensei, Seno Sensei, Noguchi Sensei, and Nagato Sensei. These are the four senior teachers

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What a wonderful event! Thanks to everyone who made Kikanju the success it was! We had great weather, great friends, great training, everything we could ask for! There were around 100 people from 12 different countries, some from as far

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Incomplete Kihon Happo Video available!

Discover what Hatsumi Soke and the Japanese Shihan know about making the Kihon Happo work. Although Soke has been teaching the concept of “chuuto hanpa” (halfway or incomplete) for years and the principles that make this “incompleteness” possible, it is

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Shinnenjutsu – Part 2

Shinnenjutsu – 心念術 “Controlling your opponents perceptions” Part 2: “Proprioception (Perception of Body Position)”. In Part 1 of this article on Shinnenjutsu, we talked about Visual Perception, and how controlling your opponent’s visual perception, in effect, controls his mind. Now

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Shinnenjutsu – Part 1

Shinnenjutsu – 心念術 “Controlling your opponents perceptions” Also translated as intention technique, mind reading, mind control, and manipulation of another’s thoughts or perceptions, this concept lies at the heart of Budo Taijutsu. Disclaimer: Over the years Hatsumi Sensei has used

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Zeropoint Training