10,000 Hours

How long does it take to achieve mastery? Well, according to research cited in his book “Outliers”, by Malcolm Gladwell, it is 10,000 hours.

This seems to be true regardless of the field of endeavor. Whether you are a professional athlete, musician, or an entrepreneur, it just seems to take the human brain and body 10,000 hours to thoroughly understand AND integrate the skills associated with your chosen endeavor.

What does this mean for us as budoka? Well, if you’re training twice a week for a two hours each time, then about 50 years should do the trick!

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2 comments on “10,000 Hours
  1. Excellent book! That chapter should be added to the list of “Bujinkan Must Reads.”

  2. David Petersmarck says:


    Thank you again for inviting us to dinner after our Go-dan test last week. Since we trained together at Nagato-Shihan’s class on Monday I have this feeling that I have been missing something in my training all these years. I would like to purchase some of your videos… can you tell me where I can purchase them.


    David Petersmarck

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